Extra Virgin Oliveoil from Crete

First class Olive oil

We introduce ourselves;

We are an olive oil producing and exporting company, located on the island of Crete, in Greece.

The most of the time we live among the olive trees on Crete, maintaining our olive groves,
studying the growth of the olive trees, harvesting our olives and control the sales of our products.


We are active in the olive oil since 1999 and sell our products since 2001 on the internet.
Through our years of experience and passion for olive oil, we can produce the best olive oil,
hereby we can guarantee the best quality of olive oil.

Since 2007 we registered our own brand "DENDRES" for our Extra Virgin olive oil and by 2010
for our olive soap, wherein we also have become an olive soap wholesaler.

Meanwhile some TOP restaurant in the Netherlands, Belgium and France use our Extra Virgin olive oil
in their kitchens and on the tables, this makes us proud as an olive oil supplier.

The storage and shipment of our products is in the hands of a professional warehousing company in the Netherlands, from here we send our goods worldwide.

We can finally say, you buy your olive oil products direct from the grower!!
We hope to welcome you as customer and let you experience our high quality olive oil products from Greece.